List of artists selected by: Gioula Papadopoulou & Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos,

Festival Miden, Greece

In case of emergency, break glass

1. NOMINT (Greece)
The Holy Chicken of Life and Music
3:00 min/ 2010

The short animation “Holy Chicken of Life and Music” tells the story of the Holy Chicken, a magnificent beast, worshiped and exploited, in a surrealistic (or in real?) world.

2. Nikos Giavropoulos (Greece)
Lace Maker
2:00 min / 2006

Nikos Giavropoulos often uses old masters and famous masterpieces as references and sources of inspiration for his work. His "Lace-maker" is a totally different and subversive view on Vermeer's famous painting.

3. Poly Kokkinia (Greece)
Homage to Magritte
2:16 min / 2009

An attempt to update Rene Magritte’s thought-provoking images.

4. Mary Zygouri (Greece-Italy)
Long live the king
2:40 min / 2010

The video is the final piece of Zygouri's symbolic trilogy ZOOPOETICS / ZOOPOLITICS, which includes three video-performances, featuring the artist herself: Symbiosis (2007), Decadence (2008) and Long Live the King (2010).
In Long Live the King, the artist confronts herself with the grandeur of an elephant. The starting point for this work is the story of Loisel contained in Historie des menageries de l’Antiquite a nos jours (1912). This novel tells about the custom in the Versailles Palace to bring and show to the Sun King unusual and surprising animal species. Specifically, the treated passage is concerned with the admiration felt by Louis XIV in seeing a living elephant. His emotion was so strong to make him decide to let famous artists paint the animal. In the video, the authority represented by Louis XIV and the Versailles Palace is transferred on the animal, with which the artist humbly and desperately duels in an ironic and at the same time cynically seductive scene.

5. Gioula Papadopoulou (Greece)
Ophelia x 2
2:00 min / 2010

Ophelia re-visited. A dual version exploring Ophelia's given nature.

6. Theodoros Zafeiropoulos (USA)
Stepping on the log
3:14 min / 2009

Following an invitation to participate in Skowhegan, an international summer residency for emerging artists in the U.S, Zafeiropoulos developed a series of projects mainly focusing on specific features of the landscape. "The Log" was one of these projects, an installation creating a "path" in the lake. The video is recording repeated failing attempts to step or run on the log, by a happy party of bathers on a sunny day.
Zafeiropoulos is creating a highly poetic image -of a practically metaphysical character- with his artificial structure in the lake. But also his main methods consist in re-approaching art through the factor of failure, inviting the viewer to reflect upon the contemporary lack of context (both literal and figurative), often via a playful questioning of the world, open to possibility and the unexpected

7. Dimitris Tzamouranis (Germany)
Self Operation
5:00 min
/ 2001

In "Self Operation" the spectator meets a protagonist who is a licensed physician, but also considers himself to be an artist. Tzamouranis accompanies him with his camera during an operation, which the physician performs on himself. In a surgical procedure, he removes a tumour from his stomach in the midst of a forest. Considered in abstract terms, the video can be understood as a documented performance piece. However Tzamouranis’ interpretation of the events also emphasizes the aspects of self-healing and resurrection, which are accentuated in a series of pictures developed from the video. Both the type of operational incision which the physician performs on himself and the placement on the body inevitably evoke associations with the wounds of the crucified Jesus Christ.

8. Andreas Savva (Greece)
50.000 cents
3:15 min / 2009

The video is a short documentation of Andreas Savva's happening at the "House of Cyprus" in Athens in 2009, when the economic crisis was just a distant nightmare. The artist, sitting on a high "throne", drops coins (500 euros in cents) towards the spectators, in a metaphor of the economic situation, questioning & critisizing first of all the political relationships between authorities and the masses.

9. Giorgos Maraziotis (Greece)
4:24 min / 2009

A short film by George Maraziotis, Spring was part of an installation project called "5 Epoches" (5 Seasons) that took place in Patras, Greece in 2009.

10. Bill Balaskas (UK)
Parthenon Rising (II)
2:45 min / 2011
Courtesy of Kalfayan Galleries (Athens - Thessaloniki)

The work functions as a visual "crescendo," that moves from total darkness and perplexity to total light and clarity. The original footage, edited in the video, was filmed on the only day of the year that the Acropolis is open to the public at night. Thousands of tourists and locals climb the ancient hill on this occasion and capture the relics' images through their cameras. As all lights are off, all monuments, including the Parthenon, can be clearly seen only when the flashlights of cameras momentarily illuminate them. It is a spectacle that illuminates an aspect of the monument significantly different from that of a familiar icon. Interestingly, at the same time, it is a spectacle that also reveals a lot about all those diverse crowds from around the world that stand in front of the ancient temple, trying to capture its image and, perhaps along with it, part of its myth. 

11. Andreas Sitorengo (Greece)
31:00 min / 2010

Anydria is a Greek word meaning "lack of water".

Video Art Festival Miden:
Festival Miden*, the first Greek video art festival presented in open public spaces, is an annual video art & new media cultural event held in Kalamata, GR. It is an independent organization founded, organized and curated by a team of contemporary Greek artists.
Since 2005, Festival Miden has been gradually established as one of the most successful and interesting video art festivals in Greece and abroad and has been a significant point of cultural exchange for Greek and international video art, creating an alternative, peripheral meeting point for emerging and established video artists.

(*Miden means “zero” in Greek)

Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou + Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos
The program presents 10 notable contemporary artists and a group from Greece. Starting with an intangible surreal world, where in a strange happy (?) place a "magnificent beast is worshiped and exploited", the program gradually leads us, through metaphors, symbols, artistic/fictional/historical references and subversions of existent realities, to one specific place: contemporary Greece.



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