List of artists selected by: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Director & Chief curator Cologne International VideoartFestival and artvideoKOELN

CologneoFF VII -
Art & the City

curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

1. Matthias Härenstam (Sweden)
Closed Circuit
3:01 min / 2011

The video shows a quiet residential street somewhere in Sweden. The constantly moving camera travels down the street, into a large pothole at the end, is been "swallowed" by a huge chewing mouth and turns up on the same street again. The camera goes down the street again, down the same pothole that this time leads to a giant intestine, which "we" are passed through until we are back on the street from the beginning and the circuit starts over.

2. Alexey Rumyantsev (Tajikistan)
2:38 min / 2010

We are getting less concerned about harmony among us. We treat the news of the changing environment as another piece of regular news. However, world is still trying to draw our attention. Yet, instead of trying to hear the voice of the Earth, Man keeps distancing himself from nature. Man and environment are two parallel worlds but not one entity.

3. Albert Merino (Spain)
Les bagneurs
3:30 min / 2010

A contemporary update of the picture from Cezanne, where the idealization of a bucolic nature will be replaced through the exploitation of the environment characterized for a massive presence of persons.
This piece recreates different visions about the state of the earth, staging mainstream images of environmental documentaries in a domestic format; in the way that each corner of the street contains a part of the world.

4. Francesca Fini (Italy) 
Oasis in The Desert
5:05 min / 2010

The piece was performed late at night, in Tor Bella Monaca, a very depressed neighborhood in Rome, Italy. In all that desolation and dirt, I'm a crazy lady trying to reach my little spot of peace and warmth. And even if I'm finally resting under the orange lights of an artificial sun, I'm still all alone in the dark. Because in every desert there is a little oasis and in every oasis a little desert.

5. Sarah Mock (Germany)
Is there a way out
3:47 min / 2011

The video deals with thoughts about living and communication. It moves into several levels: The first and last scenes play in reality. By watching through windows follow other levels of reality, the thougts and dreams. The place where the artist lives you can recognize, but it is of different material, which shows the fragility and oddity of the life there. The people live close together but everybody alone, communication is more like a monologue. The feeling there is like cut off from the world. But there is, instead of „esc“, an „art“button...

6. Shahar Marcus (Israel)
Leap of Faith
3:02 min / 2010

The video leap of faith starts with a shot of the artist wearing a suit, standing on the window’s edge, getting ready to make the leap of his life to the wide open space. The artist is hesitating, having difficulties in creating a momentum to jump, but eventually jumps. Surprisingly he freezes horizontally, while his feet touch the window’s edge - homage to the known work of Yves Klein "Artist jumps into the void (1959). When the shot opens up it appears that the window from which the artist was afraid to jump is just a few feet above ground. The camera stands still presenting a grotesque and surreal image of the artist hanging between heaven and earth. .

7. Yuriy Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva (Ukraine)
The 7th of November
3:36 min/ 2009

The citizens of Switzerland and the guests are invited to take part in a trip to the city of Geneva. They are carrying the bags, filled with newspapers for the Swiss elite real estate advertising, moving from Villa Lombard, situated in Genève’s suburbs to Place des Nations, Genève, situated down town. The people are invited to join the intervention at any point of its conduction. The route includes the following means of public transportation: bus, river tram and tram. The purpose of the journey is a renovation of the absent part of Broken Chair on Place des Nations (a broken leg).

8. Johanna Reich ( Germany)
A State of Crystal
3:19 min/ 2010

The camera lies in a puddle on the ground. It films the surroundings and the reflection of the surroundings on the water’s surface. The artist runs towards the camera and jumps into the puddle thus destroying the mirrored image. The camera lying in the water is rotated by 180 degrees. As a result, the image above and not, as would be expected, the image below is destroyed at the moment of the jump.

9. Ramon Suau Lleal (Spain)
4:23 min/ 2010

The heart of HOAX is originated mostly in recordings filming of urban landscapes from a moving vehicle, with an specific light and under specific situational premises. I pretend to elaborate a psicogeograhic map, a personal GPS that captures a time sequence just before something happen, a change moment. This process allows to define reality and generates all the pictorial work later. HOAX aims to verify that the development of digital technologies has allowed go through from the process of reproduction of the reality to the process of production of realitites.


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