List of artists selected by: Kathy Zarur, Palestine/USA/UAE

Curated by: Kathy Zarur.

1. Jessica Mein (Brazil)
2:00 min / 2012

The video animation Blackout is a short sequence of over 700 drawings, collages, frames and images produced and manipulated by the artist through obsessively repeating a few basic actions, such as folding, copying, cutting, mirroring. The resulting animation refrains from creating any narrative, becoming almost abstract, highlighting a new direction for Mein. The high voltage wires and cables work here as central elements, both directly and, by being sliced out and subtracted from the image, allowing rapid visions of an imaginary sky to appear.

2.Vartan Avakian (Lebanon)
ShortWave / LongWave
7:02 min / 2009

Some cities have no voice.

3. Monira Al Qadiri (Kuwait)
Wa Waila (Oh Torment)
10:05 min / 2008

Wa Waila (Oh Torment) is a surreal short film based on an old Kuwaiti folk song, a trance about recurring tragedy and self-pity. Al Qadiri visually interprets the lyrics to create a fantasy-like music video about lost love, displacement, gender identity, and death in a poetic and kitschy style. The men and women in the film perform the roles of the opposite gender and the director herself plays the part of the main male singer.

4. Rokni Haerizadeh (Iran)
Just What is it that Makes Today´s Homes So Different, So Appealing?
4:22 min / 2010 - 2011

Just What is it that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing? takes its title from Richard Hamilton’s 1956 collage of the same name. Just as Hamilton’s piece was itself a forerunner to the subject-matter that would define Pop Art, Haerizadeh’s work similarly hijacks and appropriates imagery in all its incessant ubiquity. It ultimately suggests that the spectacle of violence has become a prevalent form of entertainment – the pop culture of today.

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