List of artists selected by: Kaarina Ormio, Galleria Huuto, Finland

Curated by Kaarina Ormio HOW TO TELL YOU ...

1. Nina Lassila (Finland)
Woman in Café
1:16 min / 2010

We see a woman dressed in black moving rapidly, as dancing or wrestling on a bed.
A voiceover gives us information about a woman at a café. It resembles a narrative.
Nina Lassila is a visual artist working mainly with video, performance and photography. She was born 1974 in Helsinki Finland but lives and works in Gothenburg (SE) and Berlin since 2000.
The field of her interest spans from existential & gender issues to paranormal science. She criticizes, scrutinizes and dwells into different topics. As an artist Nina sees herself having a sort of an artistic license with which she moves freely around in different areas of phenomena and themes.

2. Salla Myllylä (Finland)
Two or three things about charcoal
4:10 min / 2012

A little study on the nature of charcoal. What kind of movie can be made with some charcoal powder, a piece of paper, water and few hours of sunlight on a November afternoon?

3. Maija Blåfield (Finland)
If I were Buried at a Street Corner
5:40 min / 2011

If I Were Buried at a Street Corner is a short film about looking and seeing again – on which the experience of beauty in everyday life is often based.
It was shot during an artist’s residency in Frankfurt am Main, where an abandoned tombstone provided the starting point for the observation of an unfamiliar setting. The city appears as an empty landscape, seen from an outsider’s perspective. The hierarchy, utility and logic of the surroundings are sidelined and monuments can be found in the backyard. With thanks for the inspiration to Mr. and Mrs. Dreher.

4. Jarkko Räsänen (Finland)
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
5:01 min / 2011

Jpeg is the most popular image format in digital photography at the moment. The reason for this lies in its powerful compression algorithm. ‘Compression’ is still slightly misleading term, because jpeg actually burns as much information as possible from the image without human eye noticing the damage. This video shows the compression decay of nine web-found images being saved repetitively hundreds of times as .jpg, until the algorithm reaches its limits, and cannot burn any more information: In the end, a caricature of pictorial elements, that are defined to be worth seeing, remain. The soundtrack consists of cracks and pops from silent vinyl record.

5. Musicbox Pasi Autio (Finland)
3:15 min / 2009

A woman is saying and singing words of the objects which are visible in the picture. She is not in the pictures, but viewer sees 360 degrees view of the room. These pronounced and sang words formulates music, which is composed by swedish composer Jakob Norgren. Sounds are made by Ive Riihimäki.

6. Speed of Light Salla Myllylä (Finland)
5:19 min / 2012

The animation depicts the movement of light and shadow in two realities: in a charcoal drawing of a landscape and in the studio where the drawing is being made. In both of them, we see how sunlight moves around during a day.

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