List of artists selected by: Eva Olsson & Jonas Nilsson, art:screen, Sweden

1. Les Barbares Jean-Gabriel Périot (France)
A view from the outside
4:59 min / 2010

We are scum, we are babarians.

2. Aaron Oldenburg (USA)
Pieces of Jonestown
3:28 min / 2010

The video is of the empty field in Guyana that used to be Jonestown, where the Peoples Temple massacre occurred in 1978, as well as the surrounding towns and villages. The audio is composed of selections from interviews conducted nearby with local residents Wilfred Jupiter and Carlton Daniels in June, 2010.

3. Andres Pineros (Columbia)
Lost bullets
1:41 min / 2011

In Colombia there are multiple cases of victims of stray bullets that motivated me to make this video that shows the amount of chance that is implicit in the phenomenon of stray bullets and also refers to the contradiction that implies that members of the security forces are involved in these cases (citing INDUMIL, company responsible for the manufacture of monitions from the army of Colombia).
The principal concepts treated in the video are absence and emptiness.

4. Ellen Mueller (USA)
Preparing for Bioterrorism
2:19 min / 2011

By blurring the line between fact and fiction, this series of videos explores an addiction to both preparedness and fear in our society, while addressing the everyday challenge of resisting change and maintaining control.The series focuses on the fear generated by a chaotic world of non-stop technological revolution, impending global climate change, and hyperactive news media. I use humor and absurdist situations as a method for dealing with these challenging topics in an indirect way. My goal is to bring awareness of this
resistance to change and fear of the unknown to the forefront of the participant's mind, while actively engaging the individual's personal experiences.

5. Nicola Bergström Hansen (Sweden)
Excavation No.2
5:00 min / 2009

In Excavation No.2 YouTube clips of men and women shooting into the forest are accompanied by sentences that change with every gunshot. The sentences are all written by John Muir; A romantic naturalist and the father of Yosemite national park. Muirs romantic view on nature contrasts the violent video clips but they both speak of our relationship to nature.
Excavation No.2 originates from a dusty shelf in the library as well as from the dynamic, and shifting archive of YouTube.

6. Black & Jones (USA)
A Short History of Flight
1:32 min / 2009

Since our childhood, we have been fascinated with flight. Unfortunately, humanity has used this great invention as a way to destroy and kill at unimaginable levels.

7. Evelin Stermitz (Austria)
Women in War
3:05 min / 2010

This video work came into being during a research on the tag 'women' on YouTube, and through this finding stereotyped videos with women's images entitled like 'Most Beautiful Women', 'Famous Sexy Women', and so forth. By re-editing the found videos and underlaying the material with sounds from reports on women in war and violence against women, the final video became a strange subversion of women's media images and the woman as a commodified object becomes obvious. The video is split between women's images in media and the sound of the real, to break with a world of male illusions and enter the field of male transgression.
'Women in War' is a metaphor for women's images in the media war and real war.

8. Max Hattler (UK)
3:55 min / 2010

Toy soldiers marching and moving in harmony, spinning and rotating, erupting and exploding.
When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred

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