List of artists selected by: Vika Ilyushkina, Cyland Media ArtLab, Russia

Program of Russian video Existence.

1. Julia Zastava
Son of king
4:29 min / 2008 / Music by ALOG

Son of king is about the boundary state of a dream. This animation was made from my photos of Count Orlov’s palace (Orlov, one of the favorites of Catherine the Great), one of the largest palaces in the suburbs of Moscow. Like almost all other palaces in Russia, after the revolution of 1917 it was harried then abandoned. Now it is nearly a ruin but still very majestic, and I find it tremendously mystical. It is like a fantastic swooning of the XVIII century.

2. Nikolay Kurbatsky
Little black
1:51 min / 2008 / Video and sound by Nikolay Kurbatsky
Text by Jean-Paul Sartre
Reading by Irina Erisanova

This work is based on a short text excerpt from the novel "Nausea" by French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. The novel depicts the occasional meeting of a man and woman on the street, but in the video I tried to explore and show the constant, bizarre conflicts of relationships in everyday life.
Violence, racial problems, disturbing misunderstandings between men and women and between people in general.

3. Olga Jitlina
I want to live through your death
5:44 min / 2009

My video is a reenactment of my Mom's suicide, 10 years after her death. I woke up very early the morning of March 23rd 2009 and went with the camera from my bed to the balcony from where my mother threw herself: I tried to look through her eyes and capture the last thing that she saw in her life. By telling this personal yet at the same time common story of a middle-aged person in Russia in the 1990’s, I aim not to provoke a sense of pity or frustration, but rather to share my experience of living through the trauma of loss, saying it is hard but possible.

4. Anton Hlabov
2:20 min / 2009

We live in a world where the amount of processors and microchips produced each year contains a number of transistors one hundred times higher than population of ants on our planet. The density of the artificial system in different communication devices and instruments everywhere surrounding us allows
us to consider the operations and processes occurring inside them as a certain micro-space, where our everyday actions such as checking e-mail or sending SMS are reflected by multiple events and metamorphoses. The plot of the video develops from the rhythmically pulsating sound of a dial-up modem, a reminder of the work of a life support system. We gradually see a materialization of those pulses linking scattered moments of time, stretching over a line, connecting callers to the unknown device where all the actions go on.

5. Andrey Ustinov
Expulsion from Paradise
2:01 min / 2003

This is a video-documentation of an action that took place on May 1st, 2002 in a McDonald's restaurant in St. Petersburg. This action is a radical expropriation of all goods turned into capital by our civilization. The action was directed as a remake of a biblical plot. Artists, like Adam and Eve, are walking in the "garden"
of McDonald's and "tasting" its fruits, collecting meals from the tables of the visitors. The furious visitors exile the couple from "Paradise".

6. Kirill Shuvalov
1:43 min / 2003

Enigmatic guillotine-object for toy Barbie-doll, constructed from the garbage bin. Or an allegory for the infinitely revolving wheel of life?

7. Masha Sha
Never ending
2:12 min / 2005

Endlessly condemned in seeking the real, the true. We are shackled in transitory, grey eternal everydayness.

8. Yuri Vasiliev
0:55 min / 2002

Either drunk or semi-ill overgrown son dully torments his mother and himself.
They are an inseparable pair—the man is always with his mother, still snatches her skirt not being able to get back on his feet. He cries, calls, and rends one's heart. It seems he has been cast off, but it's out of the question, it seems he needs something, but he doesn't, it seems something hurts him, but nothing does,
it seems a danger approaches from the outside, but there is no danger. Pain, danger, fear, loneliness are all inside, everything is groundless, aimless, and it comes from tearfulness, swaddleness and nonage. “Mom, leave me alone, set me free, turn me out to hell, the hell with you, mom!”,—rushes like waves of red, waves of blood, not allowing to see anything around oneself.

9. Maksim Svishev
5:42 min / 2009

Feedback is a story about a person's relationship to the self. Girls film each other on camera. They look alike, one is a reflection of the other. That is to say, each removes itself. Stereotypes and social stamps are making individuals behave like mechanisms deprived of identity. External and internal noises, flashing images of everyday life thrown into personal internal space, all leading people astray from the inner self.

10. Veronica Rudyeva-Ryazantseva
4:30 min / 2008

Winter. An elderly woman cleans the carpet in a traditional way. Her motions resemble a ritual dance of magic, coming from the ancient ages.


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