List of artists selected by: Mona Bentzen AVE-­‐Norway

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1. Sindy Kliche
0:30 min / 2011

Dance, little box, dance! Just keep on moving a decision is just for pacification.

2. Kaia Hugin
4:28 min / 2009

”Motholic Mobble” is an invented title, and describes “the movement between the spaces that we are unable to see and to reach”. In Motholic Mobble part 2 a woman goes through the motions of a ghastly, lonely ritual. An unexpected change of scenery combined with this irrational act suggests that nature and time are following their own kind of logic – a logic that has trapped the woman.

3. Marte Vold
4:10 min/ 2011

These videos show us situations between two people that are stuck in their twosomeness. The dialogue is absurd and somewhat literary, and moves quickly from a plain discussion to sheer eloquence. The films are two of a series of 10 dialogues.

4. Solveig Syversen
1:35 min / 2009

n “Shapes and Conditions” we find a woman in her living room. In the most energetic way she is shaking her pillows – keeping her chairs and sofa comfortable and free from dust. As rhythmic editing is a characteristic for Syversen, “Shapes and Conditions” is no exception. It brings us into in an absurd state of mind, and it comes as a sudden.

5. Birgitte Sigmundstad
1:15 min/ 2011

The image of a woman washing herself in a soldier’s helmet comes from a story I was once told from postwar Germany. It describes an everyday scene with a twist that gives it a second story about the past in the present. The film continues in a series of work that looks on how we deal with history.

6. Kristine Halmrast
6:45 min / 2011

A world where power and voices are thrown between bodies, where no identity is only your own, where the fictional character is taken seriously, and double realities are a reality.

7. Claudia Reinhardt
3:00 min / 2011

The film's central theme is bullying amongst children. A young boy, who likes to dress in girls' clothing, gets teased and ridiculed by his playmates. Because he didn’t adjust to the expectation towards his gender role he experiences hate and anger from his companions. In the end he can’t take this rejections anymore and risks his life by jumping out of a tall tree house in his parents garden.

8. Iselin Linstad Hauge
2:00 min / 2012

Sometimes, everything seems crystal clear.
There is no doubt. Everything is shining. Still there comes a time with a lingering doubt.
The most difficult thing is to stand still. Keep focused.

9. Anne Marthe Dyvik
6:20 min / 2012

I am playing with a hypothesis; that there is no one–dimensional explanation for stuttering. The explaination seems to be a vague “collection of connections”. Mental, inherited, a trauma can trigger it. In my thoughts around this the human body and human soul– phenomenon, I think that all humans stutter. We do not reach each other, and those who stutter reveal this, rhythmically. That there is a connection between this and the cultivation of the human, that I am trained through the culture I live in to distance myself from the herd, and lose the feeling of belonging. That systems, institutions, rules and norms increase the stuttering. I train up my own children in the same system, and apply my stuttering on to them. A boy I once heard of, often wet his bed. He was told off for this by his father. The boy stopped wetting his bed, but instead started to stutter.

10. Mona Bentzen
1:53 min / 2010

Communication between a human and a sea creature.



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