Pia Wergius










The camera slowly glides over the ceiling towards the open window of an apartment.

An ethereal voice is singing a charming song. When the
camera moves outside through the window, we become aware of a bizarre situation: there, a girl is hanging from the windowsill. An ordinary girl, she does not seem to be ill at ease. But why is she hanging there, motionlessly and not trying to escape from this obviously perilous situation?

The setting is an ordinary Amsterdam house in an ordinary Amsterdam street. But against this commonplace background, the girl appears to be captured as if in a film still, with no explanation of the purpose or cause.

Without being overbearing, Pia Wergius uses subtle means to add more possibilities for interpretation. Such as the suggestion that something or someone else is present, someone who himself can float, and who is quietly observing the girl through the eye of the camera.

The title, the clarity of the light, the peacefulness, the song, and the gentle camera movements suggest that everything is under control, that this is how it is meant to be.

The story is hanging in time, literally like a cliffhanger.

The girl is frozen in that flash of thought when help is implored from above. Will the tragedy occur, despite the presence that creates such a positive atmosphere, or will the girl be rescued?