Michael Fortune


Hunter Gatherer









Hunter Gatherer was recorded in the artist's family home in rural Ireland in January 2007. The five-minute video work was shot in one take and documents the involvement of all family members in the weekly ritual of unpacking their weekly groceries.

The frantic unpacking and packing involves up to five people at once and ends with a shot of Pepsi and 7 Up cans stacked together like a fruit bowl in the middle of the kitchen table.

As the camera moves between the two small kitchen spaces it not only follows the movement of individuals but also captures a household full of animals.

The work in many ways echoes that of a wildlife documentary where the spoils of the kill are torn apart by its killers: in this case the spoils are frozen chips and fizzy drinks, while the animals quietly observe as their tins of cat food are stacked away.

Hunter Gatherer reflects upon domestic rituals and human/animal relationships and poses questions about the role consumable and convenience products play within contemporary life styles.