Mary Magsamen

Stephan Hillerbrand


Coffee & Milk










Coffee & Milk is an experimental video that explores communication and sexuality through the metaphor of everyday items, coffee, milk and children’s music.

In Coffee & Milk our lives are transformed into something cinematic and larger than life. Images of Stephan blowing milk into coffee and Mary blowing coffee into milk are given an unexpected point of view because the camera is placed underneath us. The images reference both galactic and microscopic views of the world.

They could be satellite images of hurricane weather patterns or microscope images of something biological. The pseudo-scientific images provide the viewer with a window to see a personal and intimate moment frozen in time that eventually leads back to larger universal questions of communication between us as a couple.

This communication is interrupted by the incessant call for attention from our daughter which is represented through the repeated sampling of a song titled Water Dance by Raffi, a children’s musician.