Lyn Löwenstein


Foreign Policy - Martn Luther King mouthpiece










A speech by Condoleezza Rice is cut up and her words rearranged or newly constructed, to make her say a piece by Martin Luther King, more or less successfully.

I am interested in political rhetoric in the current context, where words and images seem to have stopped making sense, (think ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’), and in exploring what happens when words are taken from one context and put into another.

Here the American dream and the American nightmare come together. Who comes out on top, or are both Martin Luther King and Condoleezza Rice undermined?

What does this mean for the cut-up technique, which is so popular in activism today? These questions came later, through the making – my first motivations were simpler – here the work is about power and resistance, and about taking ownership of some of the worlds most powerful to make them say other things.

(Martin Luther King’s more radical speeches such as this one, are left out of the state celebrations and school curricula).