A. Jacob Galle

untitled [cubicle]


Created as a site-specific video performance for two locations, untitled [cubicle] explores the act of manual labor in the roles of agriculture and big business, performer and stage manager. A plot of corn in the size of a standard office cubicle is planted in an urban lawn setting and then again on rural farm that becomes transformed into a set to represent the original urban site. I am farmer and set designer, developer and performer. In my attempt to find parallels and create oppositions, I explore the roles of pre-industrialized agricultural work with the practices of agri-business and large corporations through the fast paced, repetitive motions, sense of mass-production and the prefabricated. Additionally I investigate the idea of respect toward and within manual work, often in the natural environment. I attempt to dispute the romanticized view of farming and rural life as a "simple" life by performing labor within the context of fine art.