Hildur Margrétardóttir

The Akademi


The Akademi started as a documentation of the Dieter Roth Akademi 5th annual conference, held coinciding with the Reykjavik Arts Festival 2005.

Artists friends that worked with Dieter Roth founded the akademi shortly after his death in 1998. He had told his friends that if an academy would be founded in his name, there would be no building facilities, only professors and students. The professors would recommend students to be registered, and when registering they’d be given the adress list of professors. It would be in the hands of the students to persue his/hers education by travelling between professors wherever they would be based.

Every year the professors have an annual meeting and go through subjects that need discussion. Due to unexpected developments such as the annual meeting being drowned in a rehearsal for a life media broadcasting, which on the other hand brought surrealism on to the site, real life superseded the planned events and the documentary developed into unforseen ways.

The Akademi is also a documentary on how the friends and family remember Dieter Roth and how they expand his art and ideas after his death.