Helena Stefánsdóttir












Anna has carefully laid a coffee table for two. Sitting at the table, checking if all is ready, she realises that she has no sugar.

Her excitement to invite her neighbour Adam over, turns into a concern; she needs to go to the grocery store. Her concern is due to the fact that she has a serious tourette’s syndrome; she imitates other people’s movements.

On her way to the grocery store the tourette’s gradually takes control of her body. Anna manages to buy the sugar though, but back in her home, she is messy and tired.

She cannot invite Adam over, once again she has failed. Determined to end her miserable, lonely life, she steps on to the balcony rail with the intention to jump. Standing at the other end of the balcony, Adam enjoys the view. To his concern, he sees Anna and makes contact with her.

He then cleverly saves her life. They laugh.