Gustav Sparr

MC Librarian


In a project-room, a number of t-shirt labelled clones are handling books: Texts are copied, extracted and transported through different work-stations. The material is converted through speech-synthesis and arranged in sequence, creating a hybrid of dry spoken word and aspaced out office musical.

MC Librarian is a kind of multidimensional, literary emblem, a map of possible passages through a mental topology consisting of quotes. It could also be described as a circular, narrative system and a distillation and remix of source-texts resulting in an intertextual composition. Characters and scenes are repeated and combined as letters in a book are repeated and combined to construct words and sentences.

The title "MC Librarian”, relates to hip-hops ”MC”, short for ”Master of Ceremony”; a person presenting DJ:s and later evolving into being rappers.

In Flash-animation lingo it stands for "Movie Clip" or the animator creating the clips. In Flash, all the graphics (or symbols) are organized and stored in a library.