Eddie D


Nice and Fresh and Greasy









Nice and Fresh and Greasy is a video-opera about beauty, commercialism en the freshness of grease (or the greasiness of fresh).
Its a musical video-collage in which found-footage elements and music are tightly integrated to form a dynamic, uplifting composition.
With this work, eddie d again shows he is the master of rhythmical video. He worked together with Dutch composer Jaap Dercksen and the music is composed in conjunction with eddie d's video-editing process; after selecting and pre-editing some video and sound, eddie d sent this to Jaap the composer, who then wrote a ground layer of music, then he sent the score to eddie d who then edited more video and sent this to Jaap again and so on and so forth until the piece was ready.
The footage is from an annoying phone-in tv gameshow and a 1960's television commercial. All is rhythmically accompanied by a man playing the spoons and using his mouth as a percussion instrument.
The work shows that, when you have guests, a nice tablecloth is appropriate.