Alex Pearl


Ten Films for the Invisible Girl










All moveables of wonder, from all parts,

      Are here--Albinos, painted Indians, Dwarfs,

      The Horse of knowledge, and the learned Pig,

      The Stone-eater, the man that swallows fire,

      Giants, Ventriloquists, the Invisible Girl,

      The Bust that speaks and moves its goggling eyes,

      The Wax-work, Clock-work, all the marvellous craft

      Of modern Merlins, Wild Beasts, Puppet-shows,

      All out-o'-the-way, far-fetched, perverted things,

      All freaks of nature, all Promethean thoughts

      Of man, his dulness, madness, and their feats

      All jumbled up together, to compose

      A Parliament of Monsters. Tents and Booths

      Meanwhile, as if the whole were one vast mill,

      Are vomiting, receiving on all sides,

      Men, Women, three-years' Children, Babes in arms.

Wordsworth's description of Bartholomew Fair (from The Prelude, Book 7. 1805, lines 706 - 721)

I had recently become interested in Wordsworth’s description of Bartholomew fair. Tucked away on the fifth line is the invisible girl, to me she seemed out of place among the giants and wild beasts. This piece contains ten studies. Each deals with a sense of loss or disconnectedness.